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  • Contact Poi

These Contact Poi are made from Play 90mm and 100mm contact spheres, Aerotech rope, and handle options to match your particular spinning style. Thanks to their design, these heads are made without cutting the ball or any external hardware, leaving the heads in perfect visual and physical condition.

The Poi heads are made from Play contact spheres. The brightly colored PVC spheres have a grippy texture, making them durable and well-suited for contact poi tech and regular poi spinning. The 90mm (3.55") option is generally preferred, weighing 180g (6.34oz). For people looking for larger, heavier solutions, we also offer 100mm (4") heads weighing 260g (9oz).

The leashes are made from 1/4" Aerotech rope, a softer, smoother, more abrasion-resistant, and generally longer-lasting rope than MFP (the most commonly used rope for Contact Poi). And, unlike MFP, this rope won't shrink over time.

We offer the following Poi Handle options:

PomGrips are the most-preferred Poi handle solution. They are made of silicone and available in a range of colors.

UltraKnobs made by UltraPoi, are rechargeable RGB LED silicone handles. This knob can be set to any of the colors of the rainbow, as well as strobe patterns that create intricate light trails while you spin.

  • 90mm and 100mm heads
  • Soft and smooth Aerotech Rope
  • No extra cuts, holes, or external hardware
  • PomGrips or UltraKnob Handles
BLUE COLOR CHANGE - The blue balls are now much lighter in color. This is a change from the manufacture and we can't get the old darker ones any more. We have also added black and purple to our colors. We will try to update the website pictures soon.

Overall Length is the entire length of the poi setup, including heads, hardware, leashes, and handles.


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